What is a human chain?

A human chain іѕ formed by a group of реорlе who ѕtаnd in one lіnе holding their hands tо represent ѕоlіdаrіtу. Thіѕ uѕuаllу hарреnѕ when a grоuр of реорlе wоrk tоgеthеr tо rесtіfу a ѕіtuаtіоn they consider abnormal.

Why does HumanChain Coin exist?

With this greatful cryptocurrency we are able to support humanitarian projects. Especially in some political unstable countries it is safer and faster to use cryptocurrencies.

The main benefits are:

  • Worldwide transactions within a few seconds
  • Very low transactions fees
  • 100% decentralized, fair and transparent
  • POS (Proof of stake) provides protection to the network from malicious attacks and provides the staking mechanism that generates revenue for HUMcoin users.
  • Get paid up to 85% of the block rewards to constantly increase the stability and security of the blockchain.

Where can I buy HumanChain Coin (HUM)?

At the moment you are able to buy HUM on our private presale. Later on different cryprocurrency exchanges.

How can I support this project?

By donating, investing in HumanChain Coin or running a HumanChain masternode.

What is a HumanChain Masternode?

A HumanChain Masternode is an active HUMcoin “server” that runs 24×7 behind the scenes to serve the demands of other connected peers over the HUMcoin network.
HUMcoin Masternode Owners are rewarded with HUM coins for their service to support the network.

How many coins do I need to run a masternode?

For each HumanChain masternode you need 10 000 HumanChain coins (HUM) in your wallet as collateral.

Why do I need 10 000 HUM coins as collateral?

The 10 000 HUM coins are used to safeguard the network against “bad actors”. By placing emphasis on collateral, we can greatly reduce the chances of others disrupting the network.

What is a fair start policy?

Most masternodes start with a very high ROI and block rewards.
This is only profitable for early investors and first buyers.
After a few weeks, the system goes down and the coins are nearly worthless. Our team analysed a lot of masternode programs and came to the following conclusion.

We think, that our fair start policy is a win-win situation for masternode buyers and HumanChain.
During the presale, you can buy 10 000 HumanChain Coins for only half of a Bitcoin. After our presale and exchange listing, the price for one masternode will be more than 2 Bitcoins. The presale ends with reaching block 20 000.