Vegas shooting survivors form human chain

Las Vegas: Hundreds of survivors of the Las Vegas mass shooting have formed a human chain around the shuttered site of a country music festival where a gunman opened fire last year on the crowd of 22,000.

Videos on social media showed the display of solidarity on the Las Vegas Strip started around 10pm Monday night, local time. That’s around the time the October 1, 2017, shooting began.

On Monday night, hundreds of survivors of the shooting formed a human chain around the shuttered site, linking arms and hands to show solidarity. Nearby, a procession of pickup trucks with American flags flying from their truck beds drove the Strip while honking their horns.

LAS VEGAS (AP) – The marquees on the glimmering Las Vegas Strip dimmed their lights for three minutes on Monday night as officials slowly read the 58 names of the people killed one year earlier in the country’s deadliest mass shooting in modern history.

The ceremony ended a sombre day of events reuniting survivors and the family members of those killed at last year’s country music festival.

Hours earlier, victims’ families, survivors and elected officials marked the anniversary of the tragedy by placing roses on a tribute wall and dedicating a downtown memorial garden.

The dedication ceremony under a cloud-streaked orange sunset drew at least 200 people, including former US Rep Gabby Giffords of Arizona, herself a survivor of a 2011 mass shooting.

The garden, which features a tree for each of the 58 victims and an oak that represents life, is the only permanent public space that has been created as a memorial to the shooting. It was built by volunteers and created days after the shooting as the community’s way of reacting to the searing violence, according to the project’s co-creator.

The festival venue that became a killing ground has not been used in the year since the shooting. MGM Resorts International, the owner of the property and Mandalay Bay hotel, has not said if or when it will reopen.

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Thanekars form human chain against civic apathy

Continuing their tirade against authorities’ apathy towards their problems, over 200 Thane residents formed a human chain on Tuesday morning. The residents came together to protest against bad roads, potholes and other such issues which have made living in Thane miserable.

At around 8 am on September 4, over 200 Thanekars held hands to form a human chain against civic apathy in the city. “Over 60000 motorists from Thane drive down to Mumbai and back daily. But due to potholes, bad roads, etc., this drive has become tiresome,” says Kasber Augustine, president of Thane citizens foundation (TCF) who organised the human chain on Tuesday. “It takes 35 to 45 minutes to drive from Anandnagar Mulund toll naka to Kopri due to congestion,” he says.

Though the civic administration and other authorities tried to offer a solution right from overnight road repairs to one-month toll waiver, it has failed to resolve these problems. “Hence, to press upon them the urgency of this situation, we thought of having a human chain today,” says he.

To participate in this chain many office goers either bunked office or took permission from the companies/organisations they work for. “This issue needs to be addressed immediately and took an off today to take part in this human chain,” told us a local.

Another resident said: “Spending two hours daily morning and evening in traffic with unaccountable potholes leads to stress, frustration, and wastage of fuel.”

The peaceful human chain was formed for an hour after which the motorists proceeded to their destinations, but TCF says that they will continue to come up with such peaceful demonstrations till their demands our met. “We already have an online petition signed by over 10,000 Thanekars for a better Thane which we will hand over to our chief minister whom we are going to meet this week,” says Augustine. “Our demand is for quality work and permanent solutions to our problems and not temporary patchwork. Till we get that we will continue to voice our displeasure,” he adds.

When contacted DCP Amit Kale – Thane traffic police said that they are continuing to work towards easing congestion in Thane. “We are using a strategy of traffic diversions and not allowing heavy vehicles during peak hours in the city. In the last six to seven days we have got calls from the public who have appreciated our efforts. They say that the traffic situation has improved since the blinkers on the campaign,” says Kale.


Activists Aim To Break Record For Longest ‘Human Chain For Animal Rights’

The upcoming event will also feature info booths and animal rights organizations

The Animal Rights Activists Alliance has announced an upcoming advocacy event in Hamburg, October 27. Activists aim to make the longest human chain in the history.

A number of other animal rights organizations will also be represented at the event, including PETA and Animal Equality Germany.

Common goal

The organizers have set a target of 1500 to 2000 attendees, in order to meet the day’s goals – maximizing the impact of the human chain.

Markus, of the Animal Rights Activists Alliance told Plant Based News: “Large events for animal rights are important for two reasons. First, they unite activists from different organisations to stand and fight together for the higher and common goal of animal rights.”

“Second, they will reach larger audiences and will receive the media attention this social justice issue so desperately needs and deserves.”

Activists will join together to raise awareness of animal exploitation.


Garbage menace: Kaggadasapura residents form human chain

Over 500 residents of the area in India formed a human chain for over three hours early on Saturday morning.

 The residents said that they were compelled to protest as repeated requests to the BBMP and the corporator over the last three years did not elicit any response.

Bengaluru: Residents came together to protest against the hazardous practice of waste transfer, segregation, and dumping on Kaggadasapura Main Road.
They held placards to send a strong message that they will not let their health, hygiene and road safety get affected due to the indifference of BBMP officials.

They also submitted a petition to the BBMP, highlighting the troubles they are facing because of thoughtless location of the garbage dump.

According to a 74-year-old resident , said the area has gone from bad to worse in just a few years. “It is important for me to walk to stay fit. But where do I go for a walk when footpaths in the neighbourhood are covered in garbage throughout the day? Who takes the responsibility if I slip and fall at this age?”

There is inadequate space for pedestrians to walk because of BBMP garbage vehicles and uncleared garbage, which have put children, women and senior citizens in danger.


700 Km-Long Human Chain Formed Along India-Pak Border In Rajasthan

Participants holding the tricolour and balloons formed the chain passing through four frontier districts of Rajasthan — Sriganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Barmer.

700 Km-Long Human Chain Formed Along India-Pak Border In Rajasthan

The event, ‘Shahdat ko Salam’, was organised to instill a sense of patriotism.

Jaipur: People hold their hands to form a 700 km-long human chain along the India-Pakistan border in Rajasthan to honour martyrs and boost morale of soldiers on the eve of Independence Day.

The event, ‘Shahdat ko Salam’, was organised to instill a sense of patriotism.

Participants holding the tricolour and balloons formed the chain passing through four frontier districts of Rajasthan — Sriganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Barmer.

People, including women, schoolchildren, BSF and Army jawans and administrative officials, participated in large numbers to form the human chain.

Mr Kasera said that the chief minister honoured 21 people including soldiers and their family members.

Barmer District Collector Shivprasad Madan Nakate said the schoolchildren waved a 200 meters-long and 1.5 meter-wide tricolour during the event.

On the Independence Day eve, the chief minister congratulated people of the state, saying that India is shining at the global platform because of “blood and sweat of martyred soldiers”, freedom fighters and their devotion towards the country.

She said that it would be a real tribute to the martyrs if we all contribute to the progress of our country by developing an atmosphere of social harmony and brotherhood.

Mr Raje said the true meaning of freedom is when the last person in queue lives a “good life with due respect”.

Mr Raje said that due to the public welfare schemes and positive decisions of the state government, Rajasthan is all set to join the country’s leading states in all sectors, including in education, health, employment, agriculture and industry.

Human chain in protest of Indian trawler and pirates

Barguna human chain demands suppression of pirates and Indian trawler trespass in the Bay of Bengal

A human chain in Bargunawas organized to suppress pirates and illegal trespassing of Indian fishing trawlers in the Bay of Bengal.

The protest on Wednesday took place at the Sheikh Russel Square of the Pathorghatamunicipality. Fishermen of the region took part in the protest.

Later an application was submitted to the prime minister through the Pathorghata UNO.

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Human chain stretches from Long Grove to Eldridge

As part of the National Night Out community-building campaign, a human chain was formed from Long Grove to Eldridge on Tuesday.

“We put our own personal touch on the national event by also remembering our local students and first responders that we have lost,” Michael Limberg said in a drone video posted to YouTube on Wednesday. “We are estimating that over 2000 people participated in this event and this video truly shows how people will really come together and get involved in their community.”

Limberg was working in partnership with the North Scott Community Enhancement Project.

Ilias Kanchan initiates human chain supporting student protests

The veteran actor initiates a human chain supporting student protests 25 years after founding his road safety NGO Nirapad Sharak Chai

Veteran actor Ilias Kanchan, along with his organization Nirapad Sharak Chai, formed a human chain in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka on Friday around 11am. 

The human chain was formed to support the ongoing protests for safe roads, and justice for the two students killed in a road accident on Airport Road recently. The actor was scheduled to leave for London, but postponed his plans when the protests began. He felt his long-desired dream of a complete system overhaul of Bangladesh’s road-transport system, is finally close to becoming a reality.

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Human chain formed in fight to stop play area at Bradford park closing

Residents are “up in arms” over plans to shut down the play area, and are locked in an ongoing battle with the council.

The children’s playground, near Bolton Road in Peel Park, may be set for permanent closure due to “boggy ground and repeated vandalism” of the equipment.

A large piece of equipment within the play area has had to be removed due to structural problems, and it is understood that the council will not replace any equipment.

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