Q1 2018

  • Figuring out how to use our 100% decentralized structure to get sucessful
  • Some of us thought about how to rise funds for future humanitarian projects
  • Core team formation
  • Official website launch

  • Q2 2018

    • First developer meeting in London
    • Technical strategy of coin parameters, proof-of-stake and masternode
    • Planning the roadmap
    • Whitepaper launch

    Q3 2018

    • Starting development
    • HumanChain test network and Block Explorer launch
    • Official website release
    • Whitepaper release
    • HumanChain main network and Block Explorer launch
    • Wallet release for Windows, Linux and MacOS
    • Announcement on bitcointalk
    • Airdrop and bounty program for gaining community support
    • Pre-sale of HumanChain masternode coins
    • Listing on different masternode sites

    Q4 2018

    • Coin listing on CoinExchange/CryptoBridge
    • Web wallet launch
    • Blog launch

    Q1 2019

    • Opening headquarter on Malta
    • Looking forward to creating partnerships for development, marketing and social media
    • Mobile wallet for Android and IOS
    • Further exchange istings
    • Project voting system for HumanChain coin holder

    Q2 2019

    • Starting humanitarian projects members have voted for